Live Bait

Live Bait

 Live bait is our specialty and specifically fresh healthy live Shad!  We keep Gizzard Shad and Threadfin Shad in stock in a variety of sizes year round a long with frozen Skipjack and Shad. We also carry Red Worms, Night Crawlers and different sizes of minnows.



Gizzard shad

Our Gizzard Shad are sold individually or by the dozen and are sold by size.

Small 4-5"

Medium 6-8"

Large 9-12"

Mongo 12"+


Threadfin Shad

Threadfin Shad are sold by the dozen and come in 2 size options

Small 3-4"

Large 4-6"


Skipjack Herring

Skipjack are sold in 3 sizes

Small, Medium, and Large